FX 2 Medium

Back in stock, Trek FX 2 Disc is a stylish and versatile hybrid bike with disc brakes that let you stop on a penny and ask for change, even when the weather isn’t cooperating. Train, commute or ride for fun with the lightweight Alpha Gold Aluminium frame, 24 speeds and semi-skinny tyres that are fast… Read More FX 2 Medium

Trek FX 1 Disc

Trek FX 1 disc back in stock. Commuter, fitness and family spins.21 Shimano gears, alloy frame, alloy fork, disc brake, alloy wheels. #trek #shimano #hybrid #disc #commuter #hybrid

Get Out On The Greenways

With everyone having a little more time on their hands there has been a big uptake in cycling. I’ve received a few messages asking where to go and recommendations. Heres a few pointers for cycling local or as a family. Use the greenways, check out nigreenways.com for a full list. The Conswater Greenway links a… Read More Get Out On The Greenways

There’s a cracking coming from my bike!!!

There’s a cracking coming from my bike when I pedal. ⠀⠀This means a bearing in the “bottom bracket” has broke. Due to wear, corrosion and lack of oil. ⠀⠀The solution is a new bearing fitted or a sealed unit fitted. Prices start for this repair from £20⠀⠀